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Veloxgroup's innovative & vendor independent approach to Video Surveillance Security Solutions has ensured that we always surpass customer expectations and remain at the forefront of technology. We customize solution which will best fit to your needs! Veloxgroup provides IP CCTV solutions on an extensive range of cameras & CCTV surveillance systems designed to increase the level of security in a business. By understanding our clients overall security requirements we can choose the most appropriate camera system for the duty at hand and the finances available.



  • Lower installation costs, as IP eliminates the need for dedicated video cabling..
  • Cameras are easy to connect and offer remote accessibility that is different from traditional CCTV.
  • Integrates with existing CCTV systems and equipment.
  • Offering Higher Image Resolution compare to Traditional Analog System
  • Smarter software functions include time scheduling, targeting higher frame rates, motion detection triggering and more.
  • Highly scalable solutions – Just plug camera on network and scale up
  • Remote accessibility and remote storage means IP network video is inherently more reliable and secure.
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